Event hosting can cost company thousands and the bills rack up fast. There are prices for everything. But with virtual event, the cost of renting a place can easily be eliminated and a wider market can be covered. Virtual events also allow a potentially greater breadth of customization options. The only limitation to virtual events is your own imagination. The space can be big or small; simple or elaborate. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Bring in partners

Not just any partners, One needs to obtain sponsorship and partners who find this event as important as you. Provide incentives to your partners and encourage them to bring in more attendees. The more attendees a partner drives to an event more prizes are awarded.

Timing and art of selling

A high majority of people register 2-3 weeks before a virtual event. So even if you try promoting the event months in advance, you will notice the registrations will be incredibly weak until closer to the date. Time your promotions close to the event as possible.

Speaker Quality

The speakers and the topic they are going to speak on matters as well. It is all about messaging and positioning. The higher quality of speakers only attracts more attendees. Hence, do your part to recruit the most trendiest and the most talked about speakers in the industry.

Go heavy on marketing

One of the differences between the physical event and the virtual event is that when you book for the physical event, you buy your airplane ticket and you buy your hotel. So the odds are, you’re not going to forget it’s on a certain date. With a virtual event, you don’t buy anything: You don’t buy tickets, you don’t buy a hotel… You better mark it off on your calendar. Hence, going heavy on promotion is really important.

Design in specifics

The most outstanding virtual events take advantage of the various tools unique to the platform. However, when designing your event, don’t include features for the sake of including them. If they don’t have a function, leave them out. Always be cognizant about how you want your customers to interact in the space.