There are lot of wedding trends this year which has really caught up with the people around. 2017 has embraced some of the quirky and food passion weddings making the most of technology. Let us see the new trends that made a buzz this year.

Bold colours have made a comeback

The bold colours have their way back and people are slowing backing away from all white weddings. The colors which have made themselves popular include greens, peaches and aqua. All the colors are versatile for a summer wedding or even a winter wedding. So go ahead and get creative with the colors you love. No one is there to stop you.

Creative Catering

Presentation along with taste has become really important. There are no more sit down 4 course meal which chicken for your main and mints afterwards. Some serious food has made way like food trucks, doughnut stalls, hog roasts, ice-creams and much more.

Gin Bar

Gin made its way back over the last decade and the true colours of gin have now been truly exploded. Offer a range of gins, tonics and cocktail mixtures which is perfect for a sunny wedding. If you are feeling adventurous go for a DIY gin bar which guests can interact and make their own drinks.

Alternatives to traditional cake

Think sacked doughnuts or churros stand like milk bar, cookies or even a replacement with cheese. A tiered cake with cheese is something we all love if you are into more savoury then sweet. It can be layered with different cheeses, crackers and french stick on the side.

Quirky favours

Wedding favours are essential part of the wedding. This is your way of saying thank you to your guests. There are many websites which help you manage your wedding favours like ideas like personalised products, classy decorations and cute containers where one can put anything they like.

Utilise technology completely

2017 weddings are incomplete without using technology. Research your theme and invite guests. A trend which was pretty big in 2016 has grown even bigger in 2017. This is a must for your wedding. Have some fun by using couple hashtags and made sure your guests know about it. Live streaming is also growing popular these days and for people using snapchat custom filters are the hottest trend for weddings.