We all know that wedding planning is stressful which has endless decisions to be made. The are some things which the guests will not take notice at all. The brides will have a tough time selecting between roses and lilies but finally she might end up choosing different shades available in the flowers. Let us see where you can avoid wasting your time and energy on things that do not matter to your guests at all.


We all know somewhere down the line in our hearts and minds that invitation cards do not stay with the guests and finally end up going to the dustbin. No one will be judging your font or words or the quality of paper used.

The Guest Book

It is a great idea in theory but it can get messy really fast and pricy as well. Keep it simple  or avoid it altogether. The guests will not miss it and might not take notice at all. With the digital age you have tons of pictures of your family and friends to share of your special day. Save some money as your guests will not take notice at all.


Floral arrangements can get a little attention and also showcase a bit of your personal style. But no one will argue if your roses are not red enough. No one will take notice of the designer bloom or how well it is arranged.


As a wedding guest, I will not pay attention to your table cloth. Lets be honest, speciality linen is costly, hence you can save yourself some buck and choose something simple which goes really well with your decor.

The Cake

The painstaking details take a lot of time but no one will be walking around with a magnifying glass to pin point the mistakes and the details of the wedding cake. The cake should taste delicious and should be elegant. This is all that matters. You can get creative and build a simple cake around the idea of your choice.

So do not spend a lot of time on these things to make it more difficult for you. Take things easy for your wedding and let the things be done slowly and at ease.