You might be organizing any kind of event like a big international meeting or working for an NGO finding good sponsors can be a difficult task.

Why hire a Sponsor?

Sponsors can help to reduce overall costs and increase the number of attendees to improve user experience. So how to find the right sponsors? How to convince them that you are doing the right thing by organizing such an event? Let us fist look at the steps on how to find the best sponsors for your event.

Target Audience

This is a difficult yet a very important step in understanding your target market. Once you define your target market, you can find a sponsor easily. See, why it is so important to have a target audience in mind and defined?

Once you have done that, start searching for companies and local businesses which can be interested. The main reason why companies sponsor an event is

  • Building a brand presence
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Product launch

Sponsor’s Persona

The main question to ask here is “What makes a perfect sponsor for my event?” The answer depends on many factors like type and size of the event, benefits of sponsors, objectives and so on.

Type of companies

Large companies will make large investments, hence approaching the right company is really important. Getting investment from large companies can be difficult at the same time. Small companies on the other side can provide other help besides monetary.

Connecting with Sponsors

Pick the phone or email them once you have defined your sponsors. If you are calling them then keep the introduction short and express your interest in sponsorship. Do not forget to explain to them how the company will benefit from it. Keep a list of potential sponsors.

Be short, concise and focus on the benefits for the companies. Try to customize your emails and make them easy-to-understand. If you’ve already organized events with sponsors, attach a list of the sponsors and a brief description of the target audience you reached.