Everyone is going Niche

People are looking to create more niche events. From events focused on smaller niche audiences to sub-events or tracks focused on select attendees to smaller sessions and audience sizes, events that are micro-focused will start gaining more momentum as attendees want more personalized experiences and seek out more intimate settings to learn and connect.

More use of Technology

There are many techs and apps available to make events more organized. There are innumerable apps which will see increasing use of technology in 2017. Social media has become a rage and events have turned their heads towards them. Many pros believe broadcasting their events on social media apps hence increasing the use of tech.

Leisure Activities

People believe more in brainstorming. In the past, people did not have time for leisure activities or they simply didn’t have time for any leisure activities so skipped this all together to pack in more meetings and sessions. This is really good as it gives a chance to interact and connect with different people.

Events and Politics

Events with political matters gain a lot of attention. Groups and organizations that now find themselves on the outside of power will seek to regroup and use events to show their solidarity and resolve. Simply put, we are in for a fairly wild ride in 2017 when it comes to our political sphere, and the events industry will certainly see our fair share of politicized events and themes.

Upperhand for Suppliers

And just as 2016 was a year for suppliers as demand was high, so 2017 will continue this trend, with venues and hotels filling up, catering orders continuing to be healthy and rentals also in higher demand. With that said, it makes sense to build out your event budgets further in advance and consult your suppliers earlier on in the process so you don’t get any last-minute sticker shocks.

Experiments most welcome

In 2017, prepare for more touch-see-taste-and-feel experiences sprinkled throughout the venue. Like innovative breakout areas and lounges. Creative lighting and staging. Food and beverage tastings and haute cuisine offerings. Innovative giveaways and digital swag bags.